Digital Marketing Education

Digital Marketing and Digital Creation are my most recent passions. Over the past several months, I have dedicated myself to learning through digital marketing courses & my own research & experimentation. I am currently in the process of designing multiple series of my own digital products based on all that I have learned about the topics of Digital Marketing & Income, as well as Photography.

Below is an overview of the topics I have been immersing myself in:

I initially started my digital marketing education with the viral Learn & Earn Profits course. This course taught an introduction to sales funnels, digital marketing methods, email marketing, social media marketing, content creation, sales platforms, & digital product creation.

Since taking this course, I have undertaken my own education and research, as well as taking additional courses and trainings.

I am continuing to pursue my education in digital marketing, as well as expanding my web design knowledge and services that I can provide.

I am a dedicated, quick learner who is passionate about learning new methods of digital creation.